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Thread: please help....w/thrush

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    Default please help....w/thrush

    Took DS to the pediatrican last week and he noticed white spots in DS's mouth and lips and said that we had thrush. I have been giving the baby the nystain and it seems to be helping him.

    Over the weekend my nipples were bright pink and it was very painful to nurse. I tried a variety of different things that were suggested to me on this board. Nothing seemed to help that much. I called my dr yesterday and she prescribed diflucan for me over the phone. She said that if it isn't better in a week that she would want to see me. Well, I started to take it yesterday and today I have a ras around my areaola. It seems like it is spreading!

    I read somewhere it gets worse before it gets better. is this true? Or do I have soemthing else?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: please help....w/thrush

    Hi iupjul,
    When taking Diflucan (oral fluconazole) it may take a week or longer for the pain to disappear. Rather than killing the yeast, this medication prevents the yeast from reproducing.
    While you are being treated, the symptoms may seem worse for a day or two before they improve. To try to make nursing less painful you could try offering short, frequent feedings, nursing first on the least sore side (if there is one!) and breaking the baby's suction before taking him off the breast.

    Keep us posted!

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    Default Re: please help....w/thrush

    Thrush is a monster all in itself. I have been fighting it for 8 weeks and am proud to say that today is the first day that my LO's mouth is completely cleared. It took many things, and be diligent...

    Wash all toys in VERY hot water daily (if you boil them you'll have to thrown them away, esp. plastic..lol) vinegar and water rinse...toys that can not be submerged, clean with bleach, vinegar, etc...

    Wash laundered items that touch your breast, your LO's mouth, drool, etc. in very hot water

    Rinse after nursing with Grapefruit Seed Extract and water mixture (not grape seed) Swap LO's mouth with it as well

    Primodopholus for LO's mouth. Mixed with drops of water to make a paste, (my LO loved this)

    and I resorted to taking Diflucan myself, I think this was what sealed the deal along with cutting all sugar out of my diet, this includes fruit, wheat, chocolate, etc. (Very hard, but worth it)

    Good luck to you!
    Leslie- Momma to Aiden 02/28/06 AND Owen 2/28/08...What timing

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