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Thread: Sick, low milk supply, baby not gaining

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    Ahhh! I'm a little frightened right now. My husband and I both have the flu, and I just woke up to nurse my 6 month old and he couldn't get the milk to let down. He tried for maybe 10 minutes, and then gave up. I couldn't get him to keep trying. This has never happened before.

    He is having weight gain issues too. He has always been small, 5th% or less on WHO charts, and lately has dropped off of his growth curve. He has gained 3 ounces in the past month. I have been in consultation with a lactation consultant and my paediatrician, and they have me pumping after feeds, trying to get solids going, and BFing as often as possible. This is all complicated by the facr that DS has a bunch of food intolerances. I am on a restricted diet, and so is he.

    What should I do tonight? Pump and bottle feed? Pump to get letdown and feed? He can't tolerate any normal formula, so we gave none on hand.


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    How are things going now, Mama? Did your baby manage to get some milk last night?

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