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Thread: breastmilk and stool color

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    Default breastmilk and stool color

    My son's stool has become decidedly green in the past week--from that yellow butternut squash color to a pesto color. The book I have on hand, Baby 411 says either color is fine. But a mom in a nursing group I attend said that green stool might indicate that the baby isn't getting the right balance of hindmilk and foremilk. Has anyone heard this before?

    Any thoughts on green poop? My diet has stayed pretty much the same, so I don't think that the cause is what I'm ingesting...


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    Default Re: breastmilk and stool color

    I have heard that green poop can be because of a imbalance between fore nadn hind milk. Personally the only time I have seen it in my son has been the onset of sickness. So like when he's getting a cold or in the throws of one we'll see some green poo. When I pointed that out to my doctor (after being told repeatedly that it's fine and totally normal) She countered by saying yes, and it's also totally normal for a baby to get a cold..so You'll also see some peanut butter poop as well when the digestive track starts to mature. That usually happens when they baby starts to "hold it" for a couple of days. Also totally normal!

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    Default Re: breastmilk and stool color

    this link The Color of the Day has some good information about the different colors of poop.

    the site above states the following:
    Frequent Watery Stool often "Greener" than usual
    How can you spot diarrhea in a baby who has loose frequent stools every day? This type of poop is "diarrhea" in a breastfed baby. It can be due to a virus, a bowel infection, stress, anxiety or a food intolerance.

    Green, frothy stools
    This can be a result of a hindmilk/foremilk imbalance. A true imbalance is rare. It is often seen accompanying a forceful letdown. Lactation consultants will help moms find a nursing pattern which works to combat this problem. If letdown it too forceful in the early weeks, the solution can be to allow milk to leak into a cloth diaper during letdown, then latch baby back on. Feeding two to three times off the same side may also show improvement. Caution should be used with same side feeding as it can decrease supply.

    Green, mucousy stool
    This can be a result of a virus. Often the only sign we see of a virus is in the green stool. This is evidence of malabsorption in the intestines. Watch for how many days and with what consistency it is occurring. With a virus, it will run its course over a few days and begin to improve.
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