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Thread: Maximizing Production When Pumping

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    Default Maximizing Production When Pumping

    This video from the Stanford School of Medicine shows how to maximize the amount you pump by using breast massage and hand expression.

    It's specifically aimed at mothers who are exclusively pumping because their babies are preemies in the NICU, but the techniques will work for anyone.

    Maximizing Milk Production with Hands On Pumping
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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    Awesome vid Karen, thanks! I have been using the compression technique but to be honest with you not very much as I have been kind of scared that maybe compression would damage the milk ducts or sth esp whilst pumping. I know that sounds silly but there's so much to learn!
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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    this video helped me so much! i wish i had seen it with my first son. thank you!!
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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    Just finished watching this video. I will give it a shot in the morning after my sons first feeding. Pray to God it works!

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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    I long ago returned my double electric pump...does this technique work with a manual pump as well?

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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    Thanks for sharing! I'm glad I saw this. I work outside the home so I have to pump during the day. For about 5 months I was able to pump plenty of milk during the day (two 6-ounce bottles, sometimes more, every few hours), but the amount of milk I'm producing has decreased dramatically in the last month or so. I'm not sure if it's related to stress or not. But I'm now only able to get about 6 ounces altogether in the mornings. I usually do two sessions in the afternoons, between noon and 4, and I'm only able to get two ounces combined, per session. So I've gone from being able to pump at least 24oz in a day, to now struggling just to get 10oz. 10oz isn't enough for my son during the day so I have to supplement with formula, which I really didn't want to do. I'm really beginning to get down on myself because I feel like my milk is drying up. I've been a little intimidated about hand-expression because it looks like it's very uncomfortable, but I'll try it and keep practicing until my production improves. I have been relying solely on my pump, thinking that it would be sufficient in getting the milk out like it seemingly was doing for the first 5 months of my son's life, but now I realize that pumps are not all that effective on their own and I'm going to have to do some extra work to do this right. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    Thanks for sharing this, it helped me alot! Hand expression is not that scary after you see the video.

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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    Great help thanks, I never knew!!

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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    I just read this forum and watched the video - this was VERY helpful! I can't wait to try the techniques =) I actually hand expressed for a week or two before I actually got my breast pump after having my little one. I have a great milk supply, maybe this is why? I would like to take every precaution I can to keep it though.

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    Default Re: Maximizing Production When Pumping

    I can't find the video, can somebody please help me? Thank you!

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