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    My 6 week old son is hospitalized in the ICU because of RSV. He has not been able to nurse for 5 days - he is on a feeding tube. Needless to say, the amount of time with him not on the breast has caused low supply. He is receiving breastmilk though the feeding tube. I am pumping every 2 hours. He receives and ounce and hour continuously through his tube. I'm currently doing the following to up my output :
    eating oatmeal
    taking fenugreek 3 capsules 2-3 times a day
    i began taking reglan yesterday
    pumping every 2 hours
    My question is am I doing too much? Is it OK to take fenugreek and reglan at the same time? Will I be be pouring buckets of milk after all this?? I'm so determined not to let this jeopardize our nursing relationship.

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    I'm sure that when he gets strong again you two will be ok.
    Keep pumping untill you can get him back to the breast.

    how to pump for a baby who cann't nurse:

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    thank you for the helpful link!

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    I have no idea about doing fenugreek and reglan - I hope someone else will weigh in here with more information. BUT, I do know someone who did fenugreek and domperidone with success, so hopefully it's fine. And I just wanted to say - and . What a scary time for you! But what a wonderful gift you are giving your baby! Keep it up! I hope he comes home very soon!

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    I'm so sorry your baby is ill! RSV sounds awful.

    It sounds like you're taking the right approach with respect to maintaining milk supply. It is fine to take fenugreek and Reglan simultaneously, and I highly doubt that you will be "pouring buckets" as a result. But if you are, it's okay: there are ways to deal with oversupply.

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    So sorry to hear your LO has RSV! Also wanted to add to your list of things you are doing to maintain supply... make sure you are drinking LOTS of water! And doing breast compressions when you are pumping to try and completely empty your breasts. Also, are you double-pumping (i.e. both breasts at the same time) with a hospital-grade pump? At only 6 weeks old, your supply is still a bit tenuous, so you might want to look into asking the hospital if you can use one of their nice hospital-grade pumps, if you're not doing that already.

    Also wanted to say... your baby is young yet, so you have a very good chance of getting him back to the breast once he recovers!!

    And maybe someone can enlighten me... why does a baby with RSV have to be on a feeding tube? Does he have a breathing tube in too, making nursing impossible? My DD had RSV when she was a toddler, but she was not hospitalized... is he too weak to nurse? I guess if it were me, I would be asking if we could still try and put him to the breast once or twice a day...

    Hope your LO feels better soon!
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