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    My lo is 4 weeks old, and I don't plan to go back to work for 6 more weeks, but I want to start pumping to build up a supply for anytime I may have to be away from her before then, and just in case something crazy comes up. But, I have some questions.

    1. How much breastmilk do you put in a bottle when bottle feeding?
    2. Do you let the baby eat as much as she wants and whenever she wants, like with nursing, or do you go with more of a schedule?
    3. How warm should the milk be?

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    This site was a life saver for me. I will share my experience: I pump in the morning, usually during my daughter's really good morning nap (8:30ish-11ish, don't hate me!), right after I've nursed her and put her down. I pump both sides, even though I only feed on one breast per feeding. I save the milk in the fridge in case we decide to go out to dinner or something w/o the kiddos (usually wishful thinking), then freeze after a few days.

    I offer 3oz at this age (mine is 6 weeks). I went up to 4 with my son at around 3 mos when I went back to work; got as high as 5 oz when my pump output was really good - he was only eating 3 bottles per day at that point, with some solids.

    He ALWAYS would have taken more if offered I think, the little piggie. I went by the kellymom link to see how much to give. It always ended up being 12-16 oz during our 10hr separation.

    ETA: always use the slowest flow nipples, no matter how old they are. You want to minimize the chance for bottle preference.

    I warm it in hot tap water. I don't know the temp. At daycare, they use water in a crock pot on the low setting.

    Good luck!
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    I tend to store in 2 oz increments.

    I offer 2 oz and go up from there. A baby only takes 1-2 oz per hour that you might be separated from baby.

    I NEVER heat the milk. Why make more work for yourself? You can if you want, but it's been awesome for this baby -- of course, he don't really get the whole nursing-at-the-breast experience because of his cleft -- because I can just pull a bottle of milk out, pour it into his feeder and be feeding him within seconds versus waiting for the milk to heat while holding a screaming baby. I learned that with my second child
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