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Thread: Nursing, pumping, feeding...how to schedule

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    Default Nursing, pumping, feeding...how to schedule

    My baby was 6 weeks early and spent 10 days in the NICU receiving formula, with no attempts to BF. In addition to the obstacle, I also had a breast reduction 11 years ago. I have been pumping religiously since day 1, every 2-3 hours for 15-20 minutes (Medela Lactina). My supply is increasing, but still getting about 1.5 oz per session. I'm hoping it will continue to increase (just started More Milk Special Blend).
    I am attempting to put baby to the breast when she exhibits hunger signs and prior to scheduled feedings. What I'm having a hard time with is how to schedule the nursing, pumping, bottle feeding routine. If I pump prior to nursing (immediately), my nipples seem to be way to large for my little baby (she's still only 5lbs). Any suggestions on how to do this routine? Should I pump everytime we attempt nursing? When you aren't EBF, how can you tell how much the baby is getting from the breast?
    I know the suggestion will be to see an LC, I did and she wasnt any help at all (saw 2x). I'm going to see if there are any others in the area and will attend a LLL mtg this coming week.

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    well, usually you would pump after each feed forom the bottle, but you are also nursing LO. Is your LO able to just nurse without needing the bottle?
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    Default Re: Nursing, pumping, feeding...how to schedule

    I would pump after any nursing session you attempt; assuming you have milk pumped, you (or someone else) can give that to him if needed while pumping.
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    Default Re: Nursing, pumping, feeding...how to schedule

    I just went through this with my Preemies. The hardest thing Alexa had was that she was taking the nipple- but not far enough in to stimulate the sucking reflux.

    i would nurse then pump.
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