I have a 3 month old baby who seems to have a phobia with his bottle. We initially latched and I had supplies issue and always needed top up with formula or my ebm.

At 6 weeks, he showed signs rejecting breasts for a day or two but would still latch for a few minutes and stop when flow becomes slow, so he'd still need a bottle as top up, so I was breastfeeding and pumping with every single feed and it was not the way to go..

So since about 7 weeks I decided to do day time pumping where he gets a bottle and someone can help with the feeding and we got to a point where I have more than enough breastmilk for him. As he didnt drink fast enough my freshmilk became older and older and I was giving him milk that was about 3-4 days old. I didnt think much of it but he'd always cry and scream with his bottle until he takes a bit. At 2.5 months it got really bad until I decided to taste my ebm and I wanted to vomit. I believe it may be due to excess lipase issue so I threw all my fresh milk away leaving with only those within 36 hours old. The feeding seems to be better for 3-4 days and now when my breastmilk is less than 24 hours old he still seems to have issues with it.

Given that hes never had formula for nearly 1.5 months could he still 'remember' the formula taste and cries bc he prefers that? or is my Ebm at 24 hours really bad? I tasted it, it still has a sweet smell though has a slight change in smell with a slight aftertaste but acceptable to my standard. We've tried changing teats/bottles, giving even fresher breastmilk but he seems to still cry.

Could i have created a phobia with the bottle and this is his main way of feeding? What should I do? I'm so desparate seeing him cry over his bottle and hes not very keen on the breast either! Thanks