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Thread: Frozen BM smells/tastes funny

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    Default Frozen BM smells/tastes funny

    I really need advice on the following. DD is 6 weeks old and I have to attend a course this week. I pumped and froze A LOT of BM previously in order for her to get breastmilk when I am gone this week.
    This morning I smelled and tasted a container with thawed milk that was frozen about 2 weeks ago. I tasted really funny - almost rancid. Can I still give this to her?
    She got freshly pumped milk today and that did not taste/smell funny at all (I pumped this yesterday).
    I read on some of the posts that excess Lipase can make milk smell/taste funny - how do I know if this is the cause and also, could I still give the milk to her?

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    Default Re: Frozen BM smells/tastes funny

    I'd try feeding it. Unless it smells soapy I'd bet it will be fine.
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    Default Re: Frozen BM smells/tastes funny

    Mine didn't smell soapy. It smelled freezer burnt in a weird way and when I tasted it, it tasted like partially digested milk. However, it's not bad for her, just might taste gross.

    I would taste it myself first. I think that lipase is what turned my older daughter off of bottles at around 5 weeks.

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    Default Re: Frozen BM smells/tastes funny

    I had a lipase problem last time and it never really smelled off. But it tasted really bad. Really, really awful bad. It would start turning after a couple days in the fridge.

    Try it and see if she will take it. If she will, great. If not, then check the more recently stored milk and make sure it's OK. Sometimes it takes some time for the lipase to become a problem. So your whole stash might not be a problem.

    DON'T dump it. You could donate it to someone else or to a milk bank. If it's mixed with other mother's milk, the taste is diluted out.

    Sort of along those lines, if you had to do formula in a last ditch effort, I wonder if the formula would mask the awful flavor...

    Regarding your course...are you going to be able to pump while away? If so, that might be enough milk to get you from day to day.
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    Default Re: Frozen BM smells/tastes funny

    Thanks for the feedback. I decided to pump while away and give baba fresh BM. I will see when my course is finished whether she is willing to drink the frozen BM.
    I have to say - washing bottles everynight is a pain - yeah for BF

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