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Thread: In desparate need of help - infant refusing to nurse

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    Unhappy In desparate need of help - infant refusing to nurse


    I posted a question a few days ago about my 4 month old son having diarrhea for the last week and a half. Starting last night, he is now refusing the breast. I pumped before he went to bed last night, and he took a bottle with my expressed milk with no problem, but would scream when I tried to offer him the breast. I put him in bed with me, hoping that some co-sleeping would help. He did nurse a little in bed, although it was very fitful. He is still having diarrhea, and it seems to me that he may be refusing to nurse because he is starting to associate the breast with stomach pain (it is very obvious that he is having some severe abdominal discomfort, especially around the time of his bowel movements). This morning he again refused the breast, I pumped, and now he is refusing even the bottle. We will go to our ped today, but I am so afraid that she is going to tell me I have to stop nursing and put him on a special formula. I have stopped dairy a few days ago, which I know can take weeks to completely get out of my system...and we cannot let this go on for days, much less weeks. I need some help and advice on what I can do...I have done some reading on the elimination diet...is this what you would recommend?

    My husband travels a LOT and we have no family around us, so I am a solo mommy most of the time...so I am really nervous about the probability of having to pump around the clock now...my little boy is very high maintenance - constantly on the go and sleeping little during the day...

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    I am very sorry about your situation. If it was me I would just keep trying to nurse. Dont give him a bottle. He will eat when hungry. I would definately take him to the doctor. If there is no reason you have to give him EBM why would you want to? I am nursing my first baby who is 8 months, this is only my advice from what I did with my own.
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