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Thread: take LO to the hospital or doctor??

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    And just so you know, this won't be the last growth spurt. Ryan, my 2 year old, I swear is going through a growth spurt right now. I am not nursing him during the day time, but this kid will BEG for food all.day.long. He will tell me, "mommy, I need food." Tonight we finished dinner at 7:00. for dinner, Ryan had about 8 slices of ham, potatoes, blueberries, and a yogurt. I told dh, "Ok, it is 7:00 now, how long til Ryan asks for more food?" Dh guess 7:58. At 7:10 Ryan came in as I was putting the leftover potatoes away, and said, "I eat this?" So at two during a growth spurt, they are still asking for food nonstop! Today he had: 1 adult size pancake, OJ, my leftover potatoes from my breakfast, animal crackers and goldfish while grocery shopping, a banana, some popcorn, about 1/4 cup of kidney beans, a quesadilla, 3 yogurts, about 3/4 cup of blueberries, what I mentioned above for dinner and then after he ate the leftover potatoes, he went back downstairs and asked daddy for some cheese.

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    M LO is going thru the 4/6 wee spurt. Really tired ATM.
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