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Thread: manual letdown---any tricks

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    Default manual letdown---any tricks

    I am looking for tricks to get a manual letdown. Sometimes I can get a manual letdown by squeezing my nipples, but wondering if there are other tricks, apart from the usual stuff like thinking about baby, smelling clothes, etc.

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    Default Re: manual letdown---any tricks

    In the early days of bfing I ALWAYS got a letdown after getting out of a nice hot bath or shower. Give it a couple minutes and I'd be spraying the walls if I hadn't put my bra and pads on before leaving the bathroom. Now I'm lucky if I get a letdown after 10 mintues of pumping..

    -Edit: Oh, and also I had a letdown if I heard another tiny baby screaming, or my own crying and I couldn't get to her in time to feed her. I'd letdown in my bra. :P

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    Default Re: manual letdown---any tricks

    It may be because I've developed an association for myself (being thirsty and drinking lots whilst nursing), but guzzling water whilst pumping or nursing almost always triggers a let down.

    You could try anything that you associate with your baby. When first getting the hang of my pump I would sing all the songs that I usually sang to him - and it often worked.
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