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Thread: feeding every 4 hours??

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    Default feeding every 4 hours??

    My daughter is a week and 3 days old. I have been feeding on demand and so far she's eating every 4 hours. From what i've read, it seems like she should be eating every 1-3 hours. Poops are mustardy and seedy looking and she has one or two short active/awake spurts during the day. When she feeds, she stays latched to one for about 20 minutes. By the time she's done, she's asleep so I never have a chance to offer the other breast. I am alternating breasts every feeding and can tell when its been 4 hours because the breast on deck starts to ache a bit. By the time we get ready to feed its leaking.

    I am using a nipple shield, because my daughter was born small and my boobs are incredibly hard for her to latch on to because they are so full. The lactation consultant at the hospital suggested I use it for now and try to wean her from when she's bigger. It seems like she is able to get a lot more milk from my breast while using it.

    Does this sound normal? She has only been to the doctor once (4 days after birth) to check her weight and they were not concerned then. She goes back this week, but I am just curious if I should be waking her up to feed every 1-3 hours instead of waiting the 4.

    I've heard not to wake a sleeping baby because they will tell us what they need.

    Any suggestions or tips would be much appreciated! Being a first time mom, i'm a bit paranoid as many of you can understand i'm sure

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    Default Re: feeding every 4 hours??

    For the firstfew weeks you probably should wake her. Some baby's sleep thru feedings. They usually want newborns to feed 8-12 times a day. Watch your sleeping baby for cues. My LO starts grunting in her sleep if it's been long enough so I gently wake her. If your LO falls asleep after first breast try changing her diaper and offer the other.

    Don't get me wrong your doing a good job right now!

    Oh and for the breasts try warm compressions and hand express to soften them. Thayer always like that when the milk cones in.
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    Default Re: feeding every 4 hours??

    How many wet and poopy diapers does she have a day?

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    Default Re: feeding every 4 hours??

    Right, a nappy count will tell you if she is getting enough.

    I learned a lot from this page--at four months!

    Oops, gotta run!
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    Default Re: feeding every 4 hours??

    Counting diapers is a very good idea. But at this very young age, it's probably a good idea to wake your baby every 2-3 hours and try to get her to nurse even if diaper output is normal.

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