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Thread: Low supply - need to wean

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    Default Low supply - need to wean

    My lil one is 10 months old and we have been bf.

    Since he was 9 mo my supply has seriously dwindled (in spite of pumping, fenugreek etc), so he has been introduced to formula. I was pumping twice while at work and then nursing all times I was home. In the last two days I dropped one pumping session. I was hoping to carry on bf until he was 12 mo, with the supply I had.

    But not it looks like its gone down even more. This morning DS was really frustrated nursing and I had to give him expressed milk. It was very frustrating and sad for me too since I have really loved bf.

    My question is - what is the best way to ease into the weaning? Do I offer breast and then give him bottle once he has been on breast for 10-12mins, or should I start giving him formula and spare all of the frustration.

    Any ideas/thoughts are welcome!


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    Default Re: Low supply - need to wean

    Hi momma,

    First of all - Well done on giving your baby the best start in life

    Sorry to hear you're having such a hard time now.

    Do you know why your supply dwindled? Sometimes moms are led to believe that their supply has reduced when their baby is going through a growth spurt. When they add formula to top, their body misses out on the 'make milk' cues, and the result is an actual reduction in supply.

    If you want to keep bf then you definitely want to offer the breast before bottle. If you are giving then expressed milk then it is also a good idea to pump whilst they are bottle fed (so your body still gets those cues).

    Other things you can do are to drink plenty of water, eat oats (works really well for me) and try to relax as stress can impact supply (sometimes easier said than done that one!).

    I've not btdt with weaning, so can't advise. I wish you all the best whatever you decide to do
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