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    Unhappy sleeping question


    my baby is 8 weeks old and he has been sleeping in bed with me since he has been about 3 weeks. before then he was sleeping in a basinet. i brought him into the bed because he seemed to like it more. i am breastfeeding him.

    my husband does not really want him in our bed because his mother rolled over and killed her child. so his mother and him keep telling him it is very dangerous.

    my sister slept with her baby until he was three and she keeps telling me it is better for both of us and i also read that co-sleeping is good for him. when i do try to put him in the crib i just feel bad for him and as soon as he cries a lot a bring him back to bed. sometimes if he sleeps there then i will sleep on the floor.

    however, at this point i am not really sure what is best for him. i don't want my feelings of wanting him next to me to overide what is really safer for him.

    my husband suggested we put him in a holder in our bed. does anybody do that or think its a good idea?

    any thoughts or recommendations? i just want to do what is right.


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    If your worried get a holder. If your a "violent" sleeper, ie toss and turn and flail get a special kind of bed that attaches to the side of yours, when my husband returns our LO is going to have to go back in the basinet cyuz our beds only queensized and he's got PTSD rls from being in Iraq.

    Look into risk factors. Perhaps your dh's mother was a violent or active sleeper.

    Co-sleeping is said Tp reduce SIDS, since the baby is right next to you and you cam hear it's breathing. Being crushed or smothered =/= SIDS. If you want to feel safer get a holder.
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    You can get an Arms reach cosleeper or something similar. It attaches to the side of the bed, baby is in their own space, but still right on the same level as you. We used the mini cosleeper for about 8 weeks, but DS outgrew it...but the full sized one should last a long time.

    I know DH didn't like it when I had DS actually in the bed with us. He trusted me - he knew my mommy instincts were sharp...but he was worried about himself accidentally throwing an elbow out and bopping him, or rolling over in his sleep.

    The cosleeper was the perfect solution for us, however, I did picture us cosleeping for a long time, but DS just stopped sleeping well in close proximity to me...so around 10 weeks I moved him to his crib about 5 feet down the hall from us, and he has been sleeping so soundly since. It broke my heart to not cosleep - but it was the right decision for DS.

    Good luck You'll figure out what is best for your family! (and then of course as soon as you do, it will all change )
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    The co-sleeper is a good compromise. If you're going to co-sleep, check out this article on how to do it safely: http://babyparenting.about.com/od/sl.../a/cosleep.htm

    I'm sorry about what happened to your DH's brother or sister. How sad.

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