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Thread: Sore Nipples & Latch Question

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    Good Afternoon, and thanks in advance for any advice.

    My daughter is 4.5 weeks old and is EBF. No artificial nipples.

    My nipples are sore, and I believe it is due to a poor latch. My daughter never opens her mouth wide to latch on. This results in a small, pinch-y latch. Her lips are curled in instead of out. I can tease out her upper lip usually, but can't reach the lower lip. I think this is causing the semi-circle of pinching pain I feel below my nipple while she nurses.

    Also, as she dozes off at the end of most sessions, she allows my nipple to slip forward/out until she is only holding my nipple in her mouth...then when she comfort sucks it is a horrible chomping on my nipple. So I reach in and break the suction when she does this to spare myself some pain. But now whenever I touch her face or lips during a nursing session, she sucks frantically because I think she's anticipating me breaking the latch.

    Is there a way to encourage her to open her mouth wide to latch on? I have tried tickling her upper or lower lip, which just causes her to desperately "air nurse" with a small mouth and sometimes she catches my nipple and "slurps" it in, which is awful. It is so hard to wait for her to open her mouth wider, and I've become afraid of the pain, so I find myself pulling my nipple away from her instead of drawing her in to latch. This unintentional teasing makes her even more upset.

    I see her open her mouth so wide when she yawns, and I actually feel jealous that she won't do that to nurse.

    Thanks for any help, I'm looking forward to enjoying nursing my daughter.

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    Default Re: Sore Nipples & Latch Question

    Try the nipple sandwich. Pinch the areola around the nipple and when she opens advice it in and hold till she closes around it. This should also help with thi lip thing. As for dozing, try to keep a good grip on her. Hold her close enough and she shouldn't slip. Or I'f she does it would be easier to rescue you'r nipples
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    Welcome and congratulations on the new baby!

    Here's a useful link on making the nipple sandwich the PP mentioned: http://www.mother-2-mother.com/NippleSandwich.htm

    Some more things you can do:
    - See a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC. With latching issues, I don't think there's a good substitute for hands-on help!
    - Patience. A lot of moms don't wait for the wide-open mouth.
    - Support the breast throughout the feeding. Sometimes the breast is too heavy for the baby's tiny mouth- imagine if you had to hold up a water balloon as big as or bigger than your head using only your gums, lips, and tongue!- and the baby "slips up" on the nipple as she loses her grasp. You can use your hand or tuck a rolled up washcloth under the breast, or you can try feeding is the side-lying position, in which the surface you're lying on does the work of supporting the breast.
    - Get your baby checked for tongue tie.
    - Try to latch her on before she's really hungry. A hungry baby is often too frantic to latch well, leading to her trying to "slurp" the nipple in.
    - If latching is going badly, interrupt the process by offering the baby your pinky finger to suck on. Hold the nail down towards her tongue to avoid damaging the delicate soft palate. Once she's sucked for a few seconds and has calmed down a bit, you can try to relatch.

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