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Thread: hungry 2 week old!

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    Default hungry 2 week old!

    my LO will be 3 weeks on sunday and i can't figure out why it takes so long to feed him? we bottlefed our daughter who is now 2.5 years, so i'm new to breastfeeding. When he was born it would be 15 minutes, then 20 minutes, last week it was between 30-40 minutes but for the past few days now, he's taking over 2 hours to eat in one setting!! Is this normal? Last night, I would feed him 30-40 minutes on one breast, my husband would then change him, then he would eat 40-50 minutes on the other breast! I am so worn out, exhausted, frustrated, irritated and very very sore. My nipples are so painful that after we finally put our son down, i would express a little milk and let it air dry plus put lanolin on it, but when i would try to lay down and fall asleep they would get hard and prickly and painful.

    will the eating slow down when they get older? Or will he always eat this much and this long? phew this is some work. I hate to complain, i really do, but to be honest im just overwhelmed with this. I'm still fighting the good fight but will i ever catch a break?

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    Default Re: hungry 2 week old!

    Oh Mama, you sound exhausted! It does get better, I promise! Your LO will not be eating for this long forever.

    It's possible the marathon feedings are being caused by a growth spurt. There's a big one at around 3 weeks. But sometimes long feedings are caused by slow milk transfer. The way to determine whether or not your baby is getting enough milk is to count diapers. So, how many is he having in a 24 hour period?

    Painful nipples can have many causes. Three common ones:
    1. Thrush
    2. Vasospasm
    3. Latch issues

    When your baby unlatches, what do your nips look like? Are they elongated and symmetrical, like pencil erasers, or elongated and asymmetrical, like new lipsticks?

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