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Thread: Fell off charts at 15mos.

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    Default Fell off charts at 15mos.

    My daughter eats solids, has cows milk and nurses and she fell off the chart at 15 mo visit. She's been 5-25% since birth, pretty consistent 25% since 6 months or so. The ped suggested more proteins and avocado. You ladies have any other recommendations?

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    Default Re: Fell off charts at 15mos.

    dr sears has some great info on feeding kids on his web site.


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    Default Re: Fell off charts at 15mos.

    My DD fell off the charts when she became more mobile. She hardly gained weight from 9-18 months. The ped totally freaked out. While there's no harm in providing more protein filled snacks for your LO, I don't think you should worry unless other developmental issues are present.

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