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Thread: ouch... sore nipples, pulling off, GERD?

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    Default ouch... sore nipples, pulling off, GERD?

    Hi all, TIA for any advice...
    My 3-week old nearly always shows some discomfort toward the middle of a feeding (she only ever wants one breast). She squirms, arches her back, arches her neck, etc... all while still latched on, so my poor nipples are getting the worst of it.
    She spits up some, but not any more than other babies, and definitely less than an obvious-reflux baby (I've been around then, so I can say that with some certainty).
    I really, really think that she is showing lots of silent GERD symptoms (choking, excessive comfort eating, frequent hiccups) and I am keeping track of those as well as eliminating lots of typical stuff from my diet (dairy, etc). I figured after 10-14 days of "I have eliminated lots of stuff from my diet and her behavior has not changed" I am going to call the ped and get an appt.
    So here are my actual questions:
    1. anyone with silent GERD symptoms - is it normal/GERD sign if she constantly cries in her sleep? She is obviously sleeping, but will suddenly scrunch her face up and scream like someone is sticking pins in her. This isn't normal infant behavior, is it? She does this in her swing, her bouncy chair, laying down, but NOT if you are holding her on your chest (reclined). So that's why I think it's a reflux thing...
    2. Does 2 weeks sound like a reasonable amount of time to track symptoms, eliminate stuff from my diet, etc? I don't want to come across as a hysterical FTM...
    3. My poor, poor nips... they are seriously sore and although I definitely put most of the soreness to the pulling off/yanking around, the right side is also seriously cracked and is pretty much trying to scab over. But everytime I feed or pump on that side it opens back up. Pumping (only sometimes on that side due to child that refuses to be set down) helps some, but the pain is NOT getting better and I've tried everything else I can think of. Any off the wall suggestions, I'm willing to consider anything at this point!

    thanks ladies!

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    Default Re: ouch... sore nipples, pulling off, GERD?

    That actually describes how my first baby was. He would cry and cry and cry if you laid him down. He arched his back, would fuss at the breast, all kinds of things. Took 4 months and changing peds to get a diagnosis of acid reflux and start meds, which did help.

    But it was complicated by the OALD and OS I had and didn't know that's what it was -- nobody told me. He didn't like the milk shooting out and would pull away and fuss about that too.

    So I would check for OALD +/- OS and take measures to control that if necessary in addition to checking with your ped.

    Dairy can take 6 weeks to clear from your system. I'm in the middle of doing that for the fourth time Miss dairy a great deal.

    For your nipples...how is the latch? That would be something I would check out first, as I personally have never been sore from my babies craning away (even as an older child pulling). For the pumping, do you have the right sized horns?

    You can treat the cracks with Neosporin (OK if baby ingests some) and/or Soothies (hydrogel pads). Moisture helps it heal faster than keeping it dry.

    I'm sure someone will be along with some other ideas as well
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    Default Re: ouch... sore nipples, pulling off, GERD?

    Screaming in thier sleep is perfectly normal too. My LO does it alot. It's because of the Moro reflex. Thier sudden movements even in sleep startled them, they freak out. They're used to closeness, muted sounds and warmth. Just check on her, pet her head and shush and she'll go back to sleep like it never happened.
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