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Thread: Dr. wants me to supplement...worried it will hurt my supply

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    Default Dr. wants me to supplement...worried it will hurt my supply

    Hello all! I posted on the multiples message board as well, but I figured I would try here as you all may have insight into supply issues. I have 9 week old twin boys who aren't gaining weight well. Or, they weren't. I'm not sure which. Anyhow, we went to a new pediatrician for their eight week check up, and she was very concerned about their weight gain. DS #1 has only put on 1 lb 3 oz from his birth weight. He had a very hard time in the beginning, and wasn't gaining well for the first few weeks, so I'm thinking he just isn't catching up very fast. DS #2 has gained 2 lbs 1 oz since birth. He is a good eater, and that still isn't much. These are my first, so I don't know if my babies have a tendancy to grow slow, or if they aren't getting enough. I never pump more than 3 oz--and it is usually around 2.5 or less. I wasn't worried because diaper output looks good and I know pumping isn't a reliable indicator, but as per orders we have supplemented this week. They definately take the formula, no matter how much they've nursed. ??? What to do? I have an appointment with the Dr. tomorrow to see how much they've gained. I am just worried I am making my milk supply drop by the supplementing....

    Thanks for any help!

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    Default Re: Dr. wants me to supplement...worried it will hurt my supply

    do you have a local lll leader to talk to? She could help.
    I would be worried to about my supply. Thats a slippery slope with the suppliments. Do you have a good pump? Your own milk should be given instead of formula if possable.
    And you might as well be nursing instead of pumping and adding that stress.
    Could you rent a good scale and weight the babies at home before and after each feed for a while? Some places where you rent pumps you can rent good baby scales that go down to the oz.
    The womanly art of breastfeeding says that babies should grow about 6 oz in a week. What was the babies lowest weight? That is were the gain counting should start not the birth weight.
    how often are the babies nursing? could you take them to bed and just nurse for a few days? That will help them grow and you'll be less stressed.

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