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Thread: Questions about starting to pump

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    Default Questions about starting to pump

    I've done this before with DS #1 but I have absolutely no memory of when/how I started pumping and we introduced bottles. DS #2 is now 4 weeks and I'm going back to work in another 6 weeks. When should I start pumping? What time of day should I do this and for how long initially? DS only eats off of one breast at a time, so how should I handle the pumping? I want to make sure he's getting enough, but I don't want to create oversupply either (and from what I remember from last time, I had a hard time getting let down if I ever tried to pump on one side only).

    Thanks in advance for your help!!

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    Default Re: Questions about starting to pump

    Well, here is how I did it for my second baby... I was going back to work when he was 10 weeks old, and waited until he was 6 weeks before I started pumping or introducing a bottle. I would pump only once per day, usually first thing in the morning, right after he was done nursing. I double-pumped, and if I got, say, 4 ounces, I would freeze 3 ounces and leave 1 ounce in the frig for later. And later in the day, right before my DS was ready to nurse, I would warm up that 1 ounce from the frig and put it in a bottle for him to practice/learn how to take a bottle. I only did 1 ounce that way if he didn't drink it, not much would be wasted, and also my thinking was that I didn't want him to prefer the bottle, so I only fed him 1 ounce by bottle and then nursed him immediately after the bottle.

    So I did this every day for about 4 weeks before I went back to work, and I built up a super nice stash and DS caught on quickly how to take a bottle. It worked very well!
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    Default Re: Questions about starting to pump

    here's what i did...
    had to go back to work at 4 weeks so at 3 weeks i started pumping just once a day after her morning feeding. This gave me 6-8 ounces of milk to add to my stash. 2 days before i went back to work i went out for a couple of hours and dh offered her a bottle. she took it well since that is a time of day she is typically really hungry. so i still exclusively BF her, DH gives the bottles when I am at work.
    Our nanny starts in 2 weeks and hopefully she'll take the bottle as easily from her as she does from her daddy.
    even pumping that little extra i still have an oversupply though....i work 12-14 hour shifts and pump 4 times while at work. Usually bring home 24-30 ounces of millk per shift.
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