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Thread: Just need support, having a hard time :(

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    Default Re: Just need support, having a hard time :(

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*italianprinses View Post
    Thanks, Kate. I'm coming to terms with it now...I'm tired of fighting her and exhausting myself with the stress of it all. What can I really do? How long was the phase that DS went through? Did he eventually go back to nursing full time or is he still fussy with it?
    I'm so sorry, mama! Of course, I would never recommend that you give up trying to nurse your baby, but it's a sad fact that what starts out as a nursing strike for some babies will just go on and on and on, despite the mom doing everything they can think of to get the baby back to the breast.

    It is SO HARD on the mom!

    One thing you have to remember is that your baby is her own person, and you can't always control what she does. She's going to do her own thing. Motherhood is full of these moments, when we realize we can't make our children do things they don't want to do, but that doesn't make it any easier when it's something like this.

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    Default Re: Just need support, having a hard time :(

    We're in the same boat. SO hard not to feel personal rejection (mine is in a 'push-it-away' phase for anything she doesn't want, and having a breast pushed away? Well, that makes me tear up...).

    So tell me-you say molars coming in. Are these the way back molars or the ones right behind the canines (think they're technically the bicuspids, but look like molars)?

    We have had awwwful teething thus far, and her 16th just came through a few weeks ago, so I thought we were done for a while. Is this straight into "two year molars"? Yikes. My DD has had a cold, I've been stressed, and itis almost myperiod. Why is my supply down, again? Yikes. I bought more MM+ today and am hoping that will help.

    She has been chewing on her fingers more lately, like in the past week or so. Hunh.
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