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Thread: EP temporarily for a vacation

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    Default EP temporarily for a vacation

    I will be leaving my 5 month old daughter for a 9 day vacation. I will be bringing a small electric/battery pump with me. Will my milk supply go down because I am pumping? Can anyone suggest how often I should be pumping? I just want to make sure my vacation does not ruin my milk supply. thanks!

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    Are you sure you will be able to leave your baby for 9 days? She may not come back to the breast after having bottles for that length of time.

    What do you mean when you say small electric pump? To keep your milk supply up for that length of time away from the baby, you're going to need to pump every 3 hours with a good quality pump.

    What is your baby going to be eating while you're away? Are you leaving her with expressed milk?

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    My pump is an Evenflo Comfort Select. Would you consider that a good quality pump? She will be having breastmilk, formula and cereal while I'm away. I was planning on pumping every 2-3 hours. She easily switches between breast and bottles with no problems. Thanks for responding.

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    ugh...I am not sure a small battery operated pump is good for going away on a 9 day vaca. I would rent a hosp grade pump and take it with you. Your supply can take a nose dive in those 9 days if the pump is doing all the milk removal, and small and battery operated doesnt sound too powerful to me.
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    Default Re: EP temporarily for a vacation

    Is there any way you can take her with you on vacation?

    9 days is a really long time to be away from a 5 month old, especially when you are nursing. You need go into it with the knowledge that it is very possible that she will wean while you are away. Pumping every 3 hours or so (at night maybe every 4-5 hours) will keep your supply going and if she will nurse when you get back you may be able to build it back up to where it was but I think no matter what your supply will take a pretty major hit. It will take work to get it back up and get her back to the breast when you get back.
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