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Thread: Kind of embarrassed and would love some help...lopsided?

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    Default Kind of embarrassed and would love some help...lopsided?

    Hello goddesses. I've only posted on this website once before so I'm still kind of confused as to how it works..
    I just turned 18 in January and I have a 10 month old daughter. I'm still EBF and I love it, as does she. I made the mistake when I first had her of feeding her more on my right breast because my left breast would leak a LOT during each feeding and I didn't understand the importance of nursing equally on both sides.
    I love my new mama body, I've never felt more beautiful..except for one thing.
    My right breast is a full D cup and my left side is hardly a B. My Birdie still prefers the right side because I make probably 6-7 oz (or more) a day on that side. I'm not even making 1 oz a day on my left side..
    I'm not worried about what other people think..but I'm embarrassed of the way that I look and I get tears in my eyes every time I see myself topless. I would really like to get better milk production back on the left.. is it too late?
    I try to nurse and nurse and nurse on that side, but my girl doesn't necessarily like that breast so she pretty much refuses it.

    Is pump rental a good option? Is it possible to get production back? Has anybody else dealt with this??

    Any feedback is appreciated and thank you for your time!! xo

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    Default Re: Kind of embarrassed and would love some help...lopsided?

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    Default Re: Kind of embarrassed and would love some help...lopsided?

    Great job nursing! with mommal about the link. It's excellent advice. I just want to add my experience. I wasn't able to nurse on the left for a while and although I kept pumping, I got very lopsided. It was noticeable through my clothes, and I hated it. I started following the directions in the link and although things didn't get worse, it took a LONG time to get better. It took me 2 months to appear balanced to DH and another 3 months for me to look balanced to myself. I think the link says you'll notice a difference in a week or so, but I didn't. Just wanted to say, stick with it. It does work

    BTW, I used one of those push-up pads on the small side if I was going out somewhere nicer. A hassle to nurse with, but it helped me feel better about how I looked .
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    Default Re: Kind of embarrassed and would love some help...lopsided?

    Thank you for your replies ladies! I bought an electric pump hoping that it would help but even on it's highest setting it hardly has any suction.. I should've invested more in a better pump!! I'll keep at it, thanks again!

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