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Thread: Baby feeding from one breast in a session

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    Default Baby feeding from one breast in a session


    My daughter is 6 weeks old this week and weighs 3.5kg. During the first few weeks of BF she nursed from both breasts during one feeding session (with a nappy change between breasts). The past week she nurses only from one breast and is not interested in taking the other breast after I changed her nappy. She nurses well from both breasts (does not have preferance to only one). Is this a problem and will it decrease my supply?

    In addition to the above, she has decreased her nursing time from 20 min to between 10 and 15 mins. I am assuming that since she is getting bigger and better at BF she is able to get more milk in a shorter period of time?


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    This is normal. My 5 week old has started doing the same thing, and my older baby did this from about 3 weeks. As long as weight gain and diaper output are okay, it's fine. Your supply may decrease a bit, but your baby is probably telling you she needs it to decrease - that's why she is being satisfied with one. You can continue to offer the second breast if she seems hungry, and make sure you alternate sides so you don't get lopsided
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