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Thread: Birth Control Pills & Breastfeeding a 7.5-month-old

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    Default Birth Control Pills & Breastfeeding a 7.5-month-old

    I have been taking the mini-pill since 1 week after giving birth to my second (that soon because I got pregnant 4 months after my first -- even while exclusively breastfeeding!), and it seems to work well; I'm not pregnant yet.

    What I dislike about this pill is the acute sensitivity to the time I take it. If I take it just 2 hours later than when I would normally, I inevitably get an unusually heavy period lasting 5 days within a day or two. Then I'm concerned that I've compromised the effectiveness of the pill and wonder why I'm taking it at all! With a 20-month-old and a 7-month-old, time often escapes me and I simply don't get to take it at the exact same time everyday.

    So my question is: when can I start safely taking a different type of BCP, such as Seasonale or Lybrel or Yaz, etc.? Baby #1 is no longer breastfeeding (by his own choice), and Baby #2 is still nursing about half as much as she originally did. She eats 2-4 oz. of homemade fruit and veggie foods 2 or 3 times/day, and is very healthy indeed. I've taken Seasonale and other BCPs previously and did not have any issues with them, and now I am keen to continue with them. Also, I am asking you all because I hear differing responses for this question from my pediatrician, OB office, and PCP.

    Thanks for any experiences, studies, or suggestions.

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    Default Re: Birth Control Pills & Breastfeeding a 7.5-month-old

    The reason BCPs like Yaz, Seasonale, etc. are not recommended during nursing is that they can significantly impact milk supply. This isn't true for all moms, but it is for many. Since breastmilk is supposed to make up the majority or at least a major part of a baby's diet, you don't want to risk tanking your supply until your baby is around a year old.

    If you do decide to try a "regular" BCP despite the risk, be alert for changes in your supply. If you feel like you're noticing a significant diminishment, stop the pill immediately, use an alternate form of contraception, and nurse as much as possible to bring your supply back up.

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