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Thread: Can't get 10 month old to sleep without breast

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    Default Can't get 10 month old to sleep without breast

    I need help. I have 10 month old daughters that have been exclusively BF. Started some solids a couple months ago. One daughter can be put down in crib while sleepy and is fairly easy. My other daughter started having real issues getting to sleep at about 6 months. I got in the habit of getting in our spare bed with her, BF to sleep, then quietly sneak out once she had fallen asleep. This worked great for a while. Now, I can no longer get away. She immediately screams when I try to leave. I am so exhausted. It often takes a couple of hours to get her to sleep and by then I often need to start tending to the other baby. I would prefer her sleeping in a crib because I never trust her in this bed now that she is a little bit mobile and it makes it hard when we travel if she needs her own bed. I've tried co-sleeping but I can't sleep when she is in my bed and neither can my husband. Does anyone have any suggestions to help her fall asleep without my breast and in her own crib? I am desperate!

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    I went through the same thing with my DD not too long ago (she was well over 12mths.old at the time). The difficult thing is that they associate the breast with sleep, much like we associate sleep and a bed. I don't believe in CIO, so I started using the Dr. Gordon's technique: (http://drjaygordon.com/attachment/sleeppattern.html)
    but I modified it a little to fit our needs/wants. I didn't care if DD STTN, so once I was just able to put her down in her crib, and be able to read to her to finish putting her to sleep, I was in Heaven!! I just wanted her to stay asleep without my boob in her mouth, or awaken when I took it out. It is very exhausting, but it did seem to have really helped.
    And of course, if DD is teething, I put using the technique on hold, put her in bed with us for everyone's sake, then resume when I see that she's feeling like herself again.
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