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Thread: When to pump?

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    I'm a stay at home mom, and am EBF my 11 wk old girl Sometimes though, it is conveneient to have the bottles if were out during the day. I dont think I can breastfeed standing up in another bathroom! Her daddy also likes to feed her from time to time. I just never know when to pump. Im always nervous Ill do it, and she'll want to breastfeed right after and Ill be empty!
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    Most mamas' supply is best in the morning, so that is the best time to pump, both b/c of how much you'll get and being able to feed her afterwards if she gets hungry.

    An example: I nursed my daughter this morning around 6, then pumped while she hung out in her bouncy seat. She got hungry again around 7:45 (maybe an hour after I finished) and did fine. I did end up nursing on both sides, where I usually only do one. She was so full on the hindmilk that she didn't get up to nurse again until 11 o.0
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    momma, do you mean you go to the restroom to nurse when you are out of the home??? have you practiced NIP?? If you are modest about it you can get a nursing cover that hides evertying! It is sooooo much nicer to NIP when you are relaxed and NOT in the restroom...
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    I just recently figured out the best way for me to pump on the weekends. I will let LO nurse on 1 side for as long as he wants. When he doesn't want anymore I'll see if he's content. If he is, then I'll pump the side he didn't nurse on. I'll get about 1 - 2 ounces on the other side. I only pump for 10 minutes (since that's pretty much when the milk stop coming) and then if he's hungry again in an our or two (which is usually more like 2 - 3 hours) I'll offer him the breast I pumped on 1st. and if he's still hungry I'll try him on the other side. But this weekend I was able to get 8 ounces doing this. Just pumping on the side he wasn't feeding from and that's 2 whole bottles! I was so excited. :-) Good luck. You'll find what works for you (i.e. I don't seem to make any more milk in the am, than in the pm).
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