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Thread: 4 Month old son not gaining weight now

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    Question 4 Month old son not gaining weight now

    Hi ladies

    I know I will come across as paranoid, but I am!!

    My 4 month old son has been such a fussy eater and has what I feel is small amounts of pee, but has been gaining like a champ. Often a pound in 2 weeks. But like I said he fusses on and off the breast while eating, spits up tons, eats in a very short time. I try giving him bottles after he eats from the breast incase he didnt get enough but he often refuses, or eats max 3 ounces and often doesnt seem that interested, it just slowly drips in and he takes it. But more often than not he refuses it.

    I bought a baby scale for home to help me feel better about everything. He had been gaining about an ounce to 2 ounces every other day when I weigh him. This morning he was the exact same weight as he was 2 days ago. Should I be concerned about this? Or weight a few more weigh ins to see if it starts going up again? He weighed 18 pounds 4 ounces at his 4 month checkup. I know that's a big baby, but it's just that his eating habits are so crappy that I worry he will start to lose weight at some point.

    He was diagnosed with reflux and was on zantac then prevacid but I dont really feel like either did anything. He's also grunting and groaning and straining to sit up, but the various doctors we've seen dont see anything wrong since he has been gaining.

    I really want breastfeeding to work!!! At this point I dont think I have a choice because I feel he would refuse bottles anyways! But whatever it takes to get him to gain weight you know!!

    Any insight?!?! Sorry for the novel and thanks for reading.
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    Default Re: 4 Month old son not gaining weight now

    Dude, I would throw that scale away; you are going to drive yourself crazy. That's how much my son weighed at 9 mos.

    Babies are really good in 99% of the cases at self-regulating their intake; the fact that your son will refuse a bottle after nursing is a GOOD thing. Also, over-feeding can exacerbate reflux symptoms.

    I would relax, wean off the supplements, stop weighing your baby (I mean cold turkey stop weighing), and NURSE. You are doing a great job!
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    Default Re: 4 Month old son not gaining weight now

    with the PP. It sounds like you have nothing- and I mean NOTHING- to worry about! Good job. And don't feel bad about being paranoid. It's hard to adopt a laissez faire attitude when it's your kid.

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