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Thread: Nursing Strike - Almost ready to give up

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    Unhappy Nursing Strike - Almost ready to give up

    Hello all,

    I am a mother to a beautiful 11 month old little girl who has recently had many sicknesses that have lead to a nursing strike, today is day 9:
    1st she got a vaginal yeast infection
    2nd she got Croup
    3rd she got Thrush (mouth yeast infection)
    4th we had a change in our schedule - visiting out of town relatives
    5th she developed a head cold with thick green runny nose
    6th she has gotten much more mobile (crawling) lately
    7th I changed shampoos to Nioxin (I have stopped that now)
    8th now she has pink eye
    9th I think she is teething

    I have been to the doctor SIX times in the last few weeks, insane. Before this, my little girl never even had experienced a single cold.

    I believe she stopped nursing due to the Thrush. I have been treating the Thrush with Nystatin and have used Gentian Violet twice which has made a huge difference. She is taking liquids again, but was refusing them almost completely in the beginning. Her appetite is good.

    I didn't realize for the first two days that this was an official nursing strike, nor had I heard of them... so I naively gave her bottles thinking that once her mouth felt better she would come back to nursing. I immediately switched to a sippy cup, but she would refuse my milk and mostly spit it out if she did drink any. She absolutely freaks out if I lie her down to nurse her because of the association of the pain with nursing from Thrush.

    She doesn't have an ear infection, her lungs are clear and she is not dehydrated.

    I AM SO DEFEATED. She won't even consider nursing. I have tried sleep nursing, but she doesn't respond at all, or she just turns her head away and sighs. I have tried the bath, but she just wants to splash and play. I have tried re-creating our old routine before nursing, and I have tried making everything about nursing different (different location, different blanket, etc...). I have tried letting her play with my breasts in a casual manner - she just pinches my nipples really hard. I have tried nursing her standing up, rocking, skin-to-skin. I try not to force it but it is madening because as soon as she sees me lifting my shirt she gets upset.

    It is so depressing to have your baby suddenly stop nursing with no warning. I feel rejected and sometimes almost mad at her that she won't even give me a chance again... I feel terrible for feeling this way, but it hurts me so deeply... like someone has passed away. I guess I took our wonderful nursing relationship for granted.

    I probably have to accept that she will never nurse again. She is 11 months old and a very strong willed little girl. I will pump until she is at least a year, but I can't believe how much work it is to do that.

    What do you think? Anyone have any stories like this? How did they turn out? How often or how long should I keep trying?

    Sorry for the long post... lots of details!
    Mother of a wonderful 11 month old baby girl who has been successfully BF all her life.
    DD is currently on a nursing strike...

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    Default Re: Nursing Strike - Almost ready to give up

    Hi Momma,

    Congratulations on giving your daughter the awesome gift of milk for all these months

    Several moms on here have experienced nursing strikes.I know they would say you are doing the right thing by pumping to make sure your LO keeps getting that milky goodness! I expect they will be able to give you some tips on getting her back to the breast if that is what you want to do.

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    Still at a year and when apart
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    Default Re: Nursing Strike - Almost ready to give up

    Thank-you very much for your response. I would like to get back to nursing my daughter again, very very much. I am just getting discouraged with constant rejection, no matter what I try.

    I hope someone who has gone through this can offer me their story.
    Mother of a wonderful 11 month old baby girl who has been successfully BF all her life.
    DD is currently on a nursing strike...

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