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Thread: International Travel and Pumping

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    Question International Travel and Pumping

    Hi, all!

    I am going on a trip outside of the US in a month or so. My DS won't be able to come

    I will be pumping while away, and will have about 4 days' worth of milk by the end of the trip. Is there a way for me to bring this back to the US with me? Or ship it? What is your experience? I hate to waste it...


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    I'll also pm you the same info I spoke about in that thread.
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    You're going to have to check with your destination's rules. You will be under their jurisdiction when you attempt boarding with 4 days of milk. Call the airline and call the embassy. Get names of whom you spoke with, and do your best to get things in writing. Ultimately all security decisions are made by gate personnel, not overseas embassy staff. But if the country has published online guidelines for human milk you are in luck!

    Generally the US is the most strict on all travel restrictions so more than likely you will be fine. Good luck and bon voyage, even without LO.
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