It can vary widely among pediatricians even in the same practice. At DD's 4 month appointment the nurse practitioner (who is very nice and is an IBCLC) said that we could start solids when DD was developmentally ready, but that we should at least try at the 6 month mark. She gave a very specific order of foods to use, starting with the ubiquitous rice cereal. She was also insistent that by 7 months we had to have DD eating meats at least once or twice a day PLUS be supplemented with iron or she would become anemic. Her approach was very regimented and strict, down to the order of introduction and timing.

Then we saw one of the peds at DD's 6 month well baby check who told me how awesome I was (and told DD how lucky she is) to have exclusively breastfed our girl even after returning to work. She said to just have fun with solids, that it didn't matter what we introduced and in what order other than to go for single foods for now and go a few days in between new things so that baby's GI system can adjust gradually.

We started offering sweet potato at exactly 6 months and DD didn't really like it. Then she came down with a very nasty cold and I just nursed her for 4-5 days until she started feeling better. I tried baby oatmeal mixed with EBM and she liked it, and then we tried apples and she went crazy for it!

We skipped the rice cereal and use an organic baby oatmeal with probiotics. When we use it, it's always to mix with a puree because the cereal seems to make the new flavor a little less intense for her the first time or two. Right now DD's one daily meal of solids is only about a teaspoon of cereal and a teaspoon of homemade apple or sweet potato puree. She likes to "help" and will guide a pre-loaded spoon to her mouth. We watch her cues and when she's done she's done. She only gets solids after nursing which is probably why she doesn't eat a lot.

I struggle with the fact that a lot of people view solids as a big thing that babies SHOULD be doing. I get shocked looks if people find out that our 6.5 month old only gets one small meal of solids per day - they ask how many tablespoons of cereal she had for breakfast and when I inform them she gets a few teaspoons of food once a day the eyes really start rolling. Didn't anyone ever hear of "Food is for fun under one"?

Daycare hasn't batted an eye that she's not getting solids there yet. The other breastfed baby her age isn't, either, only at home. They said when we think she's ready to have more than one meal we can send whatever we like, even our homemade baby food.