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Thread: how to balance supply in both breasts

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    Default how to balance supply in both breasts

    please help me with some advice how to make both of my breasts produce more or less the same. my left is producing less - when my daughter was about 1 month old my left nipple hurt horribly (more than the right) so i only hand expressed from that side for a while. i think that's what decreased the supply on that side.

    anyway, for a while my right felt fuller and more leaky but i would nurse from one breast per feeding and things were ok. however lately i feel like my daughter is not getting full when nursing from the left side, so i offer the right as well. so now my feedings are: left, right... right... left, right... right, etc. so the right side is getting more stimulation, which is the opposite of what i want. it's a vicious cycle! ahhh!. what can i do to balance things out??
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    Default Re: how to balance supply in both breasts

    This link covers lopsidedness and uneven production: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/lopsided.html

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