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Thread: i guess it's time to wean...

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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    just want to lend some support and say that I was majorly pressured by everyone arround me to wean my older son. I did NOT cave, but did harbor a bit of resentment for people not believing that I knew my son best...

    I nursed him until he was 23 months and wish I had gone just a tad longer, actually.

    Good luck in whatever you decide, but 14 months is NOT too old to nurse!!!
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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    You've already gotten a lot of good information so I am just going to add some personal experience.

    I'm a student doing a couple classes and an internship. My 13 month old is in the on campus daycare. He nurses in the morning when I drop him off (815ish), a couple of times in the evening and usually once over night. On Monday and Wednesday I go after class and nurse him (noon ish). Tuesday Thursday and Friday I am at my internship. So I drop him off around 8:30 and pick him up around 5:30 (That's at least 9 hours between nursing sometimes for if I wait until we pick up DD and get home to nurse him). I haven't pumped since a week ish before his first birthday. It took only 3-4 days for my body to adjust to this. I can now go all day without being engorged, tender or feeling too full. But I can still nurse him some days during the day.

    You'd be amazed how well your body adapts! After a year old it's ok to nurse when you are together and not to for longer periods of time when you are apart. Congrats for making it this far! You've done great mama!
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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    Also the WHO, Canadian Pedaetric Society, British Medical Association, and UNICEF recommend bfing until at least the age of TWO. It's in the LLL book. A toddler's immune system isn't mature enough to really thrive without human milk. Then there are the emotional and bonding benefits.

    When milk transfer winds down, antibodies in the milk go up, so think about how you're transferring health and happiness to LO every time.
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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    As a toddler, DS would not nurse in public and often only a couple of times in a whole weekend if we were out of town, but at home he nursed frequently. He didn't wean until he was a preschooler. It is typical for a toddler to still "need" to nurse even if they don't nurse completely consistently. (Very toddler-like behavior.) And, even a weaned 14 mo isn't always ready to be left while you go on trips alone (at least I'm guessing this is what your husband refers to.) As with most other parenting issues, communication is key, and when you can't agree, finding a compromise. Oh, and learning to hand express can really help to make life with an unpredictably nursing toddler tolerable for momma.
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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    thank you everyone for the support and tips.
    so far the day has gone pretty much the same as most days past. only difference is that we both have a cold, so he fell asleep nursing this AM and i fell asleep too, and we slept for about 3 hrs. wish we were in bed and not the chair, but hey, who complains about a 3 hr nap?
    so, i'm going to keep nursing as often as he wants to, and when he fights it, just accept that he's too busy doing the play thing.
    hopefully my body gets used to his moods quick so i dont have too much pain.
    and as for my DH, he can kiss my butt. my boobs my choice right?
    thank you ladies, really means alot to be able to get support here.
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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    I am constantly hearing that its time to wean my 17 month old from MIL and DH. I just keep blowing them off. What else CAN you do? I have developed thick skin and it keeps getting thicker. Really, it's between me and my son. And we don't want to stop, thats for sure.

    DH gets annoyed working around it sometimes but he's just going to have to get over it.

    I agree with previous posters too btw.
    And I am glad you nursed your baby the next day. I bet it felt so good : )

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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    It's completely normal for your toddler to be so easily distracted, but that doesn't mean that he's ready to wean. You should only wean if you and your toddler are mutually ready. Your LO is still getting a LOT of nutrition from your milk! I dread my DD weaning because I know she'll likely get sick more often. As a PP said, the WHO recommends nursing until at least 2 for health reasons. That's the reasoning I always gave curious friends. Now my DD is 3 and most folks don't even realize that we still nurse. Hang in there, mama .

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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    The stress BFing can cause in a marriage was a surprise to me, as well. Especially given that my DH is generally so spectacularly supportive! I can tell, though, that he has some sense that until we stop nursing, he will never really be able to compare to me in terms of our DD's affection. Even if he wouldn't say it that way.

    I totally agree that it's worth it to keep at it.

    That said, a marriage also matters! I'm wondering if there are other ways you can work this out with DH. Is he someone you could go to and say "I know this is bothering you. However, it's really important to me. Is there anything I could do or change other than stopping nursing altogether that would help address your concerns about it?" Even if you think that should be already an understood offer, perhaps bringing it up in a calm moment and stating it aloud would help?

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    Default Re: i guess it's time to wean...

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*yoginimama View Post
    I know it's hard when people are pressuring you. I really do. I know how hard it is not to take in that criticism and think maybe these people are right and it *could* be time to wean?

    I read something that DJ'sMom wrote in the weaning forum awhile back when her son weaned (at 4.5 years). It has stuck with me and has been very powerful to me not just in regard to continuing our nursing relationship but also to refusing to Cry It Out for "sleep training," co-sleeping and other aspects of how I choose to mother my daughter. She said, "...taking care of your needs be more important than societal pressure..."

    It dawned on me, upon reading this and reflecting on it, that in 20 years it may not matter to others how I treated this time with my daughter as a baby. But it will still matter to me and will likely influence HER. I want to look back and know I followed my heart and mothering instincts - rather than caving to societal pressures. I want that for me, and I want that for my daughter.

    I am so glad it made you feel this way.
    I will dumpster dive for a Thread that Moose posted years ago called "Convincing DH" where we talk at length about extended nursing and what people have done to get DH's on board with accepting it. It was really a great conversation. And with a little digging you can get to the bottom of the "Not right to nurse an older baby" comment. That is stuck in my craw and I would have gotten my shovel out tight then. When you see it. Have a look. It's in this forum....BBL.

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