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Thread: increasing nursing time

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    My lo is 5 months old, and has gotten in the habit of only nursing off one side each time, and then wanting to eat every hour instead of two hours. I guess this is partly my fault, because I just let her eat whenever she wants, adn for how long she wants since I've been staying at home. Now she is starting daycare, though, and I don't think they can feed her every hour, or whenever she gets hungry. When she takes a bottle she'll only take 3 oz. at a time instead of six, and then is hungry again in 45 min. or an hour. How can I try to get her to eat more at once? When I try, she just turns her head, and leans away from me.

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    I have this same problem with Aaron eating sporatically- I'll be interested to see what anyone suggests. It's so frustrating! Aaron gets whiny and hungry so quickly, it makes me think my milk isn't enough for him... but I know he's just really distractable. I don't have any advice but I'll check back to see what others may say.

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    my son (7wks) did the same thing. after one breast i usually changed his diaper and played with him for a while before offering the second one. try waiting five-ten minutes before offering.

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