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Thread: Defamox for thrush has anyone used this?

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    Default Defamox for thrush has anyone used this?

    We tried the nystatin and it upsets my lo's tummy and the thrush is back.

    Please help me we want to treat this naturally

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    Default Re: Defamox for thrush has anyone used this?

    Thrush is a monster all in itself. I have been fighting it for 8 weeks and am proud to say that today is the first day that my LO's mouth is completely cleared. It took many things, and be diligent...

    Wash all toys in VERY hot water daily (if you boil them you'll have to thrown them away, esp. plastic..lol) vinegar and water rinse...toys that can not be submerged, clean with bleach, vinegar, etc...

    Wash laundered items that touch your breast, your LO's mouth, drool, etc. in very hot water..go braless often, let them see the sun when you can

    Rinse after nursing with Grapefruit Seed Extract and water mixture (not grape seed) Swap LO's mouth with it as well

    Primodopholus for LO's mouth. Mixed with drops of water to make a paste, (my LO loved this)

    and I resorted to taking Diflucan myself, I think this was what sealed the deal along with cutting all sugar out of my diet, this includes fruit, wheat, chocolate, etc. (Very hard, but worth it)

    Good luck to you!
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