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Thread: Low supply after flu, supplement?

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    Default Low supply after flu, supplement?

    My LO had a stomach bug Monday. I came down with it on Wednesday but I'm still feeling bad. I took 2 dosages of phenagrin on Wednesday and pumped and dumped until the next day. During that time I used up all my expressed breastmilk supply I had in the freezer. Now I am only able to pump 1 and a half to 2 ounces at a time. I can tell my LO is getting frustrated when nursing. He has also lost a little weight this week. Should I start supplementing. I had to go to work today and only had 9 ounces to leave for him. I usually leave 15 ounces. He is 8 and a half months old.

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    Put your baby to breast more often. You can wake 1-2 hrs earlier than you normally would, to pump (supply is at it's greatest in the wee hours of the morning) just be sure to allow at least one hour before he wakes so that your breasts have time to regenerate.

    You could even wake baby up to nurse before you go to bed (they usually go right back to sleep) if the baby typically sleeps through the night.

    Also when you are pumping, pump 2 min after the last drop. Eat lots of oatmeal. Drink a beer with lots of hopps in it. (just one, lol)

    If he increases time at your breast (2-3 additional feeds perhaps?) for a few days, it should only take about 2-5 days to notice an increase in supply.

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    Thanks for the advice! What do I do while I'm at work. I will probably only have 6 ounces pumped today. I have to work at 7am tomorrow. He drinks at least 10 ounces while I'm gone plus solids. I have never given him formula and I won't even know what kind to try. He has problems when I drink milk or ice cream so I don't know how his stomach would react to formula with milk in it.

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    Default Re: Low supply after flu, supplement?

    it would be ok to send some extra solids for one day...
    and then try and get him to nurse an extra time before you go to bed for the night after work.

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