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Thread: should i cut down on solids

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    Default should i cut down on solids

    My 23 week old is refusing milk feeds but taking solids fine. Would it be wise to cut out one of the solid feeds?

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    Default Re: should i cut down on solids

    Refusing milk "from the tap" or from a bottle? How much solids are you giving now? Are you offering solids or the breast/bottle first? How many times a day does he nurse? Good weight gain/pees/poops?
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    Default Re: should i cut down on solids

    yup tell us more?

    IF your nursing less then you have in the past it might be wise to try and add back in a feed for a baby thats less then a year old.

    ARe you haveing weight gain issuses?
    How's babies poops?

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    Default Re: should i cut down on solids

    Babies generally don't need solids until they're around a year old, at which times solids become an important part of a baby's diet. Until that time, breastmilk should make up the majority of the baby's diet, and solids should be for fun, and for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills. If you find that your baby is replacing breastmilk feedings with solids, it is a good idea to cut down on the amount of solids you're offering and start nursing before you give solids.

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    Poo were fine but I noticed they are becoming firmer so I have fed her some pear qs I read this is good for constipation she has now started getting runnier poos again. Yes she's has really reduced on the milk intake but happily eats solids. she would previouslywelcome her breastfeeds. She was gaining weight well at first but this started to slow down that w why I chose to wean but it now appears to have backfired. She's gaining approx 4-5 oz a week but this last 2 weeks its only been 6 oz. I attempt to feed her 6 times a day. I will feed her mainly before she naps as this makes it easier to feed her otherwise she just resists. I will then feed her solids once she has woken. I have been giving her a lunch and tea solids feeds I didn't want to increase it to 3 times a day cos I didn't think it was necessary yet.

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    Default Re: should i cut down on solids

    It is not recommended to feed any solids at all until 6 months. I might even suggest 7 months. Usually you look for signs of readiness (sitting up unassisted is one sign). However, some are ready a little before 6 months, if that is the case, it is an introduction so best to do it gradually.

    He will be getting the bulk of his calories from your milk. Even when you introduce solids, should be only done after a nursing session.

    If weight gain is at all an issue, I would discontinue all solids and wait a few weeks to slowly introduce again.

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