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Thread: feeding for hours + lipstick nipple HELP

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    Default feeding for hours + lipstick nipple HELP


    my son is 6 weeks and since he' s born breastfeeding has been a nightmare...

    at first awful pain in my nipples, my LO wasnt having any dirty nappy, important lost of weight... eventually after 2 weeks a midwife managed to show me how to have a better latch on and things got better, my son gained weight again and is fine now, my nipples were looking better and breastfeeding wasnt painful anymore except after feeds due to thrush but that is not the problem I am worried about.

    I am concerned about feeding my LO almost non stop, but really everyday and night I feed him for hours and it is driving me mad, and he is upset too he is often crying and fussy on the breast and it is so frustrating when after hours of breastfeeding he is still crying because he is hungry so I start crying too and want to give up which makes me feel even worse because no I dont want to give up it is important for me to breastfeed only my so much loved son, mostly after all we have already been through.

    I was sure that it didnt come from the latch on because it doesnt really hurt and looks really good even midwife and then health visitor told me that it was good but now I realise it mustnt be so good because after feeding my nipple is flattened... I didnt know it means bad latch on, I realised that yesterday so since I've been watching videos, websites, everything to figure out how to put more breast in my baby's mouth but I failed, my nipple keep going out flat and my baby spends more time nibbling that drinking.

    I tried breast compression but when I do it my son stops any mouth's movement so it doesnt help.

    If anyone has good tips to help me, I feel like I have already tried everything but I keep hoping there is something I can do so please help me...

    thanks in advance


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    I am sorry you are having a tough time of it right now. The first few months are very tiring and you feel like your whole life revolves around feeding the baby. This doesn't last forever though, I promise!

    What position are you feeding your son in? When I had latching problems at the very start I would always nurse in football hold. I found it helped out so much. When you go to latch him on brush your nipple from his nose to chin to get him to open wide then when your nipple is near his nose get him on! I know it sounds weird but actually tell him to open wide.

    It sounds like he is just suckling the tip of your nipple. How are his wet/dirty diapers now?

    Don't give up! It will get so much easier in the coming months! You are doing a great job!

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    Default Re: feeding for hours + lipstick nipple HELP

    The lipstick shaped nipple really makes me think you've got a problematic latch there, despite what your midwife said. The best possible thing for latch-troubles is hands on help from a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC - someone with more experience than your midwife. Really, it can make a HUGE difference. If you can't afford an LC (remember, you'll save a lot of formula if you can fix your breastfeeding issues), definitely contact your local LLL leader or attend a local meeting!

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    Default Re: feeding for hours + lipstick nipple HELP

    Hands-on help is the best when you have a latch problem. When you're seeing lipstick-shaped nipples, that means the baby is compressing your nipple as he feeds. That can lead to pain and to very long feedings, since the compression of the nipple slows the flow of milk. Since your baby is gaining sufficient weight and you're not in pain, it sounds like his latch is not as bad as it could be.

    One thing that can really help with lipstick nipples is to use the sandwich technique described here: http://www.mother-2-mother.com/NippleSandwich.htm

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    Default Re: feeding for hours + lipstick nipple HELP

    is there anyway he could be tongue-tied? my 8 month old was tongue-tied at birth. i discovered it at 3.5 weeks, when i was having a similar issue: flattened nipple and strange swallowing patterns. look under his tongue and see if his frenulum (the thin membrane connecting your tongue to the bottom of your jaw) looks like its all the way to the tip of his tongue. if you have questions feel free to ask!
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