My 23 week old has been fussy breastfeeding on and off since she was 16 weeks old. Before then we were doing great. Well established milk great latch on and it was calm relaxing. Now she screams cries, arches her back, turns her head and sucks her thumb just at the very sight of my breast. She just doesnt seem interested in feeding. Ive tried all positions n we both prefer the lie down position n refuses to feed any other way. Ive had her checked by the doctor for thrush n ear infections and they are both clear. Ive now had to resort to feeding while shes sleepy as this is the only other she will entertain me and that can be difficult. Ive tried using a bottle but she hates that even more n screams n screams. I have no idea whats causing this and how ican make feeding times enjoyable again for both of us. I try and feed her every 3 hours, then at 11:30 she will have a PORRIDGE then at 6pm ill give her veg puree. Then at 8 she will have a feed then bed then at 11 ill try feed again. She woke ipat 6:30 today and it took till 8 to get her to latch on and feed and i struggled again at 11 to get her to feed. Any ideas where i might be going wrong or what could b the matter. No one seems to have any answers anf its really hetting me down. I hate waking up in the morning thinking howz she going to take her feeds today. I dont force her to feed if she dont want to i simply try again later. She seems like shes hungry even when she refuses because she routes when on my chest. Any advice would b greatly appreciated thanks