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Thread: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

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    Default my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    My 23 week old baby is becoming increasingly more difficult to feed. Since around 16 weeks she regulary refuses to feed and will scream cry, arch her back turn the other way and also suck her thumb. Ive been to the doctors a few times and cannot find what is wronh. Sone days are worse than others. I will not force her to feed and have found that the lying down position is best. I have had to resort to feeding her when tired just so i can get her to latch on. Ive tried her on bottles which she hates so there is no demand from her to want yo feed of the bottle. I just want advice or an answer as to why she might be doing this. Its starting to get me down as we both ust to enjoy the closeness and now it seems she hates her feeding now . Any help is appreciated!x

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    Default Re: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    I'm sorry, that sounds so frustrating! Has she been evaluated for ear infections, reflux, and thrush? Sometimes a baby who is hurting just doesn't want to eat. Another possibility would be that your baby doesn't like to nurse because she's coping with a rapid letdown. Imagine drinking from a hose turned on full force- not fun! Does your baby ever pull off the breast, or gag, choke, cough, or splutter during nursing? If she does pull off during a feeding, do you ever see milk squirting or streaming from the breast?

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    Default Re: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    This sounds so hard! My daughter was like this when she was small. We ended up weaning at about 26 weeks. What I didn't know then that I wish I had was that she had food allergies and intolerances. Some of the foods that I was eating hurt her, so she was getting a lot of negative feedback from nursing. Also, like mommal mentioned, overactive letdown. How are her poops?


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    Default Re: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    My LO basically ONLY eats lying down in our bed. There are times when I can get her to latch standing up while swaying, but I think that she gets too distracted if we're near her toys or there are people walking by. I try to BF her at yoga like all the other moms, but nope, we have to go to the lobby or sit in the bathroom and even then it's only about 1 min of eating until we get home. Like you - my daughter would push away, cry, claw at me and arch her back to get away from my breast. At first I took this to mean she wasn't hungry, but that wasn't the case. She just wanted to lie down.

    I thikn I had OALD because she would choke and pull off like people talk about, but when she'd pull off it'd only drip out not spray like they talk about. So I don't know.

    I know it's hard, but now it's kinda our little private time in the bed. A lot of times she falls asleep after nursing, but occassionally not. She'll just lie there calmly for a few mins before wanting to get up.

    My daughter really dislikes the cradle hold for whatever reason. And she isn't sick - but def make sure yours doesn't have ear infections, thrush, etc. But my guess is your LO is kinda like mine and just really prefers the bed!
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    Default Re: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    it doesnt nesseserily have to SPRAY. my OALD doesnt (unless i make it which surprises the hell out of me when it happens(, but it does POUR out of my boobs. before the morning feeding i pump an ounce off both breasts in less than 5 minutes. its also dificult for me to 'stop' a let down like they say by applying pressure to the nipple.
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    Default Re: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    I have a faster let down on one boob more than the other but have the same problem latching her on. I did have a problem during the early days where she would gag n vough but she seems able to cope fine. Ive seen doctor n they ruled out ear infection n thrush. If it is an allergy intolerance i have no idea what it could be from. I have a varied diet n am quite healthy. I know she is hungry because ill put her on my chest and she will rouite for my nipple but wont latch on. If i do manage to latch her on i dont generally have a problem keeping her on it just getting her on which seems the problem. It is a constant fight. I space feeds every three hours n give her solids at arnd 11 and then 6 in the evening. Ill try and feed her arnd 8 then 11 at night. I attemped to feed her at 6.30 this morning and it took till 8 to get her to feed again since her 11 o clock feed! It wories me her not having a feed for that long. In herself she is happy

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    Default Re: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    Just another thought, is it possible that my dd might assosiate feedings negatively. Normally once ive feed her n shes asleep ill go off n do sum pf tje house chorse. Is it possible she may not like waking up without me being there which in turn upsets her enuf not to want to feed. Just a thought! Its just i cant see whats changed from before. I couldnt keep her off n now i cant get her on?

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    Default Re: my baby refuses to breastfeed apart from when she is tired

    how about changing her position, or if you start out in bed, get up with her while she is nursing? DD loves to lay ontop of me and nurse, sort of like our bodies are paralell to eachother. Its her new fav position...but then again she is almost 2. Not sure if that is possible with a baby.

    have you attended any LLL meetings? They can watch you attempt to nurse and help latch her on.

    Maybe try to pump for a minute or so before latching her? Incase its OALD just to remove some milk?

    good luck and I hope she returns to peaceful nursing soon.
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