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Thread: Another question about pumping for stash

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    Default Another question about pumping for stash

    I usually pump once a day to save for freezer stash. I usually pump after one of his afternoon feedings but this week he has been cluster feeding/eating for 3.5 hours in the evening (today in the morning). He will be 3 weeks old on saturday, so i think it is just normal for age but I was wondering if it was because of my pumping? I'm I hurting his supply by pumping? Do I need to pump everyday so that my supply doesn't suffer or is it ok to skip sometimes since its technically an extra feeding not in place of one?

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    Default Re: Another question about pumping for stash

    normal for the age

    pumping will not hurt your supply. the extra stimulation for your breasts will actually tell them to make more milk. it's perfectly okay to sometimes skip pumping for a day, as long as baby is nursing effectively and often (and it sounds like yours is ).

    i liked to pump first thing in the morning after DS nursed because that's when my breasts were the fullest and i could store up milk more quickly.
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    Default Re: Another question about pumping for stash

    agree, I think one pumping session at this age cant hurt
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    Default Re: Another question about pumping for stash

    Hurting his supply? I doubt at this age you are hurting supply by pumping, I would think you are increasing it! Usually women wait until supply and relationship is established before pumping because it could create more milk! But if you are doing it for stash, I think that is fine.

    It sounds like he is doing what he needs to in order to increase your supply even more due to a growth spurt, and I'm guessing he will slow down his cluster feeds after a few days.

    Keep up the good work, Mama!

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