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Thread: deciding to wean

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    Default deciding to wean

    so my son will be 18 months coming up pretty soon here and yesterday i decided it is time to start weaning. i have already cut down some of his nursing time but now i would like to stop completely. he is becoming very attached to the "girls" and wants to suckle at the breast more than getting milk from it ( i also don't think my milk supply is as high as it used to be ). he will also keep pulling down my shirt when he feels like he wants to nurse and i try to let him know that he can't do that but he will get upset and bite me ( also followed by kisses because he knows i get upset ). so i think he is starting to understand because he does feel bad afterwards.

    yesterday i made it through one whole day without nursing him which was great. just tried to distract him with other things or would just give him real food which was not a problem, it is just at nighttime where it is difficult. my fiance, my son and i co-sleep in the same bed. he will wake up once or twice upset because he wants to nurse. i have gotten him to calm down a couple times and got him back to sleep but last night i caved in and gave him a nurse or two. does anyone co-sleep with thier LO's and have any advice as to weaning, or night weaning? i also need to start working on getting him to sleep in his own bed i guess pretty soon!

    thanks everyone
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    Default Re: deciding to wean

    Congratulations on making it to 18 months!

    Nighttime weaning can be really hard. Can you remove yourself from the family bed for a while? I also suggest keeping a sippy cup of water available in the night. Sometimes a night-waking toddler is really thirsty.

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