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Thread: Gave lil man frozen stash..

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    Default Gave lil man frozen stash..

    Ryan is 8 weeks tomorrow and i decided to give him frozen milk pumped when he was born(to start rotating my stash) and sure enough was up every 2-3 hours looking for more milk. im assuming that milk is not filling him like my fresh milk. is that the case or is he having a growth spurt. should i give him fresh milk at night so he can be fuller and frozen during the day? or doesnt make a difference?

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    My guess would be that he is just going through a growth spurt. IMO, fresh vs frozen shouldn't be any more or less filling. Probably just a growth spurt!

    Is he at the breast at all? Are you talking fresh pumped vs frozen pumped or frozen pumped vs fresh from the tap to his mouth? If he is at the breast, he might be hungry after a bottle of frozen because he is getting less than he is getting from the breast while nursing. How many oz of frozen is he getting per bottle?

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    Question Re: Gave lil man frozen stash..

    i am pumping not nursing. it is my understanding that my milk accomodates baby as he is growing. apparently with more fat in it

    i was referring to my fresh pumped milk to my frozen milk. i gave him fresh milk through out last night and go figure he slept way longer 10-4ish. as appose to the other night when it was literally 2.5-3 hours like clock work. he takes 4 oz each time.

    so guess he will be getting frozen milk during the day (until my first two weeks of pumped frozen milk are gone ) and fresh during the night.
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    I have no idea if this would be true or not, but isn't our milk always changing to meet our baby's specific needs? So the milk from when they are younger might not be exactly the same as the milk as they get older?? So maybe your LO needs more b/c the the fresh milk has exactly the nutrients he needs?
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    frozen milk has less (something good for you - antioxidants, immunological agents) than refrigerated milk which has less than fresh from "the tap" milk. Is there a reason you are pumping? It is totally necessary for some mother/baby dyads but a lot of others end up doing it because they were given no support or bad advice. Because it is so much easier to nurse we like to help moms do that if it is possible.
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    Default Re: Gave lil man frozen stash..

    He could also just be looking for the boob for comfort - not actual milk.

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