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    first time mom here...My DD is teething. She is pursing her lips and whining all day if she is not trying to swallow her hand of feast on my chin.
    She was already a bad sleeper now it's worst. I have been giving her tylenol for babies but it doesn't seem to help one bit. Doe anyone else have suggestions?
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    Cold teething rings, momsicles (expressed breastmilk ice cube in a mesh feeder), Tylenol, patience, more patience, time...

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    I haven't tried it yet, but someone shared this: tie some knots in a washcloth, wet it and put the washcloth in the freezer. The baby can then chew on the washcloth and knots for comfort and some pain relief. Be sure to put the washcloths in a plastic baggie so they don't stick to the inside of the freezer. I just put a few in the freezer today and hoping they work since the teething process has just started at our house, too. Good luck!

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    We're going through teething too, and momsicles are a huge hit. So are frozen damp washclothes, but the momsicles are now a favorite. DS finishes one and holds out the feeder for more!
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