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Thread: Baby on Zantac

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    My baby's dr prescribed Zantac for his acid reflux. He cries everytime I give him the medications so I stopped after a few days with the dr's approval. I really don't want to give my baby any sort of drugs if at all possible. Right now, I deal with the relfux by sitting baby up after feeding and let him sleep on a rocking chair. Can anyone tell me how long would this acid reflux last approximately and would it get worse? (My baby is 2 months old now.)

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    my ds hated the taste at first also, we would give it very slowly and in a dropper diluted with water, then he learned to like it... I was able to wean him off of it about 6 months The thing with reflux is that it can really damage their esophagus ( sp ) if left untreated... No real way to know if they really have it with out a scope test. Most parents and peds just opt for the meds bc the test is no fun, from what I hear??

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    DS was put on this at 6 weeks. hes 5 and a half months now. i tryed taking him off it at 5 months and it was horrible. puke everywhere. he pukes up constantly with it but its so much worse without. it took a while to get him to take it and even now he always seems to spit out some of it. i just pray he gets over this soon. 6 months doesnt look like the magic number for us

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    6 months certainly wasn't the magic number for us either. My daughter is 6.5 months and every now and then I try to wean her. When I miss a dose she usually smells very acidic and spits up a bit. I would rather help ease her symptoms with the Zantac then risk doing any damage to digestive tract. Also, it is very common for Preemies because their digestive systems haven't finished developing.

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    Have you tried going to a compounding pharmacy to have the Zantac made more palatable? DS like grape-bubblegum. Another advantage to this is no added alcohol. DS is now on Prevacid which comes in strawberry solu-tabs. Maybe Zantac also has this option? They're great and DS looks forward to them as a treat!

    I agree with kst7399. Reflux is no fun, and though I understand not wanting to give meds to your LO, I think the alternative in this case is worse. The pain that your LO has to endure and the possible long term damage is worth it.

    As far as how long it lasts......DS still has reflux at 6.5 months. Our ped said that many babies don't outgrow it until they are walking.

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    I second Luke's mom on the compounding! Aaron's Zantac was the regular mint kind with alcohol and we started compounding after about a week. His new kind was a cherry flavor and had no alcohol which really made us happy. Most towns- even my little podunk town- have at least one compounding pharmacy and need only a half day notice to mix it up. Even if you filled your Zantac prescription already, your Ped should be glad to give you a new one if you want to compound instead. Aaron was totally off of Zantac (and all reflux med) by 5 months 1 week but sometimes still has a few wet burps here and there. Certainly no screaming anymore though. HTH!

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