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Thread: frozen milk looks like freezer burn

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    Default frozen milk looks like freezer burn

    i just looked at my stash to count and most are all stuck together. i think one bag leaked and stuck them together. then some bags have like ice in it ..is that possible even though i sealed it. could i still use it,?

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    Default Re: frozen milk looks like freezer burn

    Mine stick together too. Sometimes they look yellow too. But they are fine. Your best bet is to thaw one and take a smell/tiny taste. You'll know if they are bad.

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    Default Re: frozen milk looks like freezer burn

    make sure you know what your fresh milk tastes like first! I didn't taste my milk fresh and threw out alot of older milk thinking it was bad....turns out my milk kinda tastes like vomit all the time... but my daughter likes it so whatever.
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