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Thread: why do i only get 2 oz

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    Default why do i only get 2 oz

    from one breast NEVER anymore. i get 3-6 from other.. how and can i get more that low supplied one. it was the same story with my daugher 3.5 yrs ago. it just wont go past 2 oz.. i would love to get 5 oz from each to raise my freezer supply but getting 5-8 oz total every 3 oz wont allow that.

    also why does everyone have a different answer on how long the freezer stash lasts.? what is the time frame for real and what if u use it after that time..?

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    Default Re: why do i only get 2 oz

    Different breasts produce different amounts sometimes. It's ok and normal.

    I'm not sure why different sources give different timelines on how long milk lasts in the freezer. Here's Kellymom, which is a very good source: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/m...e.html#storage


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    Default Re: why do i only get 2 oz

    Keep in mind that the average total pumping output is 1 oz so just in your underproducing side you have that way beat!

    In the freezer your milk is good for 4 months, 12 months in a deep freezer. After thawing, milk should be used in 24 hours.
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