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Thread: What to do? 3rd Percentile...pump wean?

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    Default What to do? 3rd Percentile...pump wean?

    I would like to preface my question(s) with the statement that I was HOPING to start pump weaning (I pump three times a day) by the time my DD turned 1 year (01/28/11). With that being said, I have to add that at my DD's 12-month check up, she dropped from the 10th to the 3rd percentile in weight at 17 lbs 14 ounces (she is still in the 50th percentile for height; 29 ¼ inches). The ONLY changes were (1) because my supply has started to slowly dwindle, we started topping off her bottles at eleven months--i.e. making three 4-5 ounce bottles instead of three 3-4 ounce bottles--with cow's milk to see if she will accept the taste (she is very picky). We thought it was going well! Until we got the news from her pediatrician. (2) She has had congestion and then an ear infection that became bilateral after two antibiotics--the first antibiotic she had an allergic reaction to. This has all been going on since about Christmas. Because of all of this, she has not been big on eating...almost at all (except for snacks).
    With all of this being said, I just read a few posts on the fact that at 12 months, you can go to 3-4 nursing sessions and that should be enough breast milk in a 24 hour period. Let me say, that I definitely nurse my DD 3-4 times a day because I still nurse her as often as she wants at night (we co-sleep).
    So what should I do? I mean my initial instinct is, if she is losing percentiles then I should keep nursing her/pumping as much as possible…BUT I wonder if because she is still getting so much breast milk is it possible she has not interest in eating (she is currently at about 4-5 nursing sessions and 3 bottles during the day of a work week)...maybe if I reduced to 3-4 nursing session she will accept her Sippy cups (other than only taking a sip at a time and spitting it out playfully) during the day and eat her solids likes she should. Has anyone had any experience with a low weight, picky eater? I would love to nurse DD well into her 2nd year, as long as she will have me but I do not want my desire to maintain that bond to hurt her development in any way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
    P.S. I love my pediatrician, she is very open to anything I say or suggest, especially in regards to breastfeeding. However, I just don't think she is very versed in the whole introducing solids/weaning process.
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    Default Re: What to do? 3rd Percentile...pump wean?

    Personally - I'd keep breastfeeding as much as possible!

    Breastmilk has MUCH more fat & calories than most baby foods - http://kellymom.com/nutrition/vitami...dcalories.html

    Breastmilk has MORE fat per oz than whole cow's milk.

    Breastmilk is a great nutritional source for a toddler -

    Breastmilk is easy to digest, so yes your LO will continue to want to nurse frequently.

    I'd back off on solids (and doing weight checks!) until she's fully recovered from being sick.

    Many LO are "slow" to doing solids. Keep offering and eventually she'll start eating more.
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