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Thread: Running/working out and nursing

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    Has anyone's supply decreased once they started working out again? What did you do to increase your supply? I am 4 months pp and have been running for a couple weeks now, about 10 miles a week, and am thinking my supply is starting to decrease. My mileage is only going to go up since I'm training for a half marathon in May. Prior to birth I was going to be happy to make it to 6 months of bf, but now I REALLY REALLY want to make it a year! Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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    with the PP.

    One thing that a lot of mamas don't realize is that after they've been nursing for a while, it's normal for supply to adjust to meet the baby's needs very precisely, without a lot of extra milk left over to make her leak or give her feelings of "fullness" or engorgement. Once this adjustment occurs, it's also normal to see a decrease in pump output, since there's not as much extra milk lying around, waiting to be pumped out. So if you've been basing your assessment of your supply on those factors, you can relax. Just watch your baby's diaper output! As long as it remains normal, there's no reason to worry about supply.

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